"I have loved with all my heart.
I have laughed so hard it hurt.
I have lost everything,
and everybody I ever cared about.
I have cried a river of tears.
It’s not the good times
or bad times that make us different.
It’s what makes us the same."

"You will never feel closer to death, than when you’re crushed by a heart that you trusted."

"They say that time flies, 
but you keep breaking its wings."


"The closer I get, the further I have to go."

"You will find yourself in the Qur’an, I guarantee you."

"The greatest man I’ve ever known, is also my best friend. A leader by example, who will be there till the end. He always gives it all he’s got, through all his aches and pains. I know that I’m a better man, because his blood runs through my veins. Happy Father’s day Dad, I love you!"